2015-2016 – Competition – Velence Bence Hill Lookout Tower


Bence Hill, Velence

Lookout Tower

Responsible architect: Bence Várnai

Bence Hill is a peak near Lake Velence with a breathtaking view. A two-lane asphalt road is winding up the hill. Only one thing was missing from here: a viewpoint gazebo with a small restaurant. This tender was issued by the Council of Székesfehérvár. This was the second time I competed, overlapping with the Mikós Ybl Memorial House project. The task was immediately appealing to me, due to its scale. i remade a plan of a gazebo from my previous studies, picking up on the spiral motif in the staircase. There were about 150 candidates - even the jury didn’t expect such a high number. Some really exciting projects were submitted: the Hello Wood Team created one of the best.  If I were to do it today, though, I would start the plan with a totally different approach in its graphic solutions as well as the architectural concept.