2012-2016 – Reference – Budapest District X., Váltó Street, Family House


Budapest, District X.

Váltó street

Family House

Responsible architect: Ákos Eszenyi

Co-worker: Bence Várnai

The Hungarian Family Housing Support Programme (CSOK), launched in July 2015, hit the mark for many: families with 3 or more children can apply for 10 million HUF (lump sum, non-refundable). A new law was even enacted for houses with no greater than 300 square meters nett floor area. According to this, it is enough to submit a concept plan documentation, hence the authorisation plan is skipped, the concept plans can immediately be turned into construction plans. The clients, a young couple with distinct ideas and a fine taste, wanted to seize this opportunity when they commissioned a plan from us. Ákos was drawing the concept plans, while I designed its elevations and mass. We finished it successfully, albeit not smoothly. This detached house is being built on the site of the residential building. Construction work has already started.