Workplaces – Triskell Architect Studio Ltd


Triskell Architect Studio Ltd

(Oct. 2014 – May 2015)

About my teacher, Lőrinc Csernyus

He was a student of Imre Makovecz, therefore, an advocate and practitioner of traditional organic architecture. He has grandiose works in Csenger, where he is the chief architect, and several other places like Budapest, Szekszárd, Makó, Szeged, etc. Having a calm personality, he designs at a leisurely pace. Meanwhile he publishes a lot, and gives talks regularly. He is a fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Arts. He gladly passes on his vast knowledge, by telling exciting stories for hours on end, say during a drive to Csenger. He hand-draws extraordinarily well. This, and his factual knowledge is what I absorbed there. The hand-drawing and painting classes during my vagabond semester supported me in this.



Career Highlights of the 5th semester:

- October 2014: started the semester at Triskell Architect Studio Ltd
- January 2015: trip to Pilisszántó with the Vagabond School
- February 2015: took part in the Velence Bence Hill Lookout Tower Competition
- March 2015: Vagabond Day in FUGA
- April 2015: Vagabond Day in Miskolc, in Hadas Architect Studio and in the Castle of Diósgyőr
- April 2015: took part in the Budapest BOX Competition
- May 2015: site supervision with Menyus in Csenger
- May 2015: the closing lesson of the hand drawing session in the Vagabond School
- June 2015: moved to my next vagabond station, to Felvidéki Architect Studio