Photography – Bangkok Selection


Bangkok Selection

For Bangkok, on the other hand, I had more specific plans. Mostly sightseeing. Consequently, I managed to cover most of the top 10 must-see places.

I could spend hours looking at temples, or inhaling the atmosphere of the Grand Palace, gazing at the glamorous, kitschy ornamentation- the symbol of affluence. It was worth it!

Some of the main sights could be visited by boat.

I’ll never forget the view from the 300 meter high Baiyoke Sky Tower. There was even a free cocktail on the top floor - the price of which was surely covered by the astronomical entrance fee.

It was especially pleasent to chat with a Buddhist monk in the Wat Ratchanaddaram Temple.

Siam Park (a bit like Central Park in New York) is the only really green area, the “lungs of the city”. I missed the green, the squares, the tranquility, the parks in Bangkok. The city too crowded, the air too polluted for my standard - maybe a week was too much there.

Most of the time, I was just strolling around with open eyes and mind, calmly, chatting with people.