2015-2016 – Competition – Székesfehérvár Miklós Ybl Memorial House



Miklós Ybl Memorial House

Responsible architect: Bence Várnai

Consultant: Ádám Kovács Paládi architect


After graduation, this was the first competition I participated in. I was still very much influenced by modernism when I started the work, cooperating with Ádám Kovács Paládi. Being a modern thinker, he proved to be a fitting consultant. After the site survey I returned home with many ideas, some of which I later put through. My plan had advantages as well as disadvantages to it.

Owing to the unusual scrupulousness of the jury, I received a half-page-long analysis od my plan. Therefore, the energy I invested was by no means wasted, since I had an opportunity to grow, to design and be creative already at an early stage of my career. My plan was seamlessly harmonised with the surrounding buildings, tackling the problematics of a terraced development. It resolved the questions about the location of the museum and the workshops by implementing a quaint interior yard.