2017 – Competition – Szada Home of the Future



Home of the Future Competition

Responsible architect: Mária Beöthy

Co-worker, 3D visualization: Bence Várnai

I again had the opportunity to work with Mária Beöthy, an experienced colleague from the Károly Kós Association. This was our second project together. Since she had very concrete ideas, I was responsible for the planning process. It was delightful to see my senior colleague effortlessly hand-draw a vivid design of a detached house of 300 m2, fit for 3 generations.

This was a tough competition, with about 50 candidates. Even though we won no official prizes, we gained all the more experience: we’ve learnt how younger and older generations can to cooperate even more effectively. Moreover, we won a special award: roof tile manufacturer Bramac liked our project so much that they awarded us with a visit to their Frankfurt factory.