2015-2016 – Competition – Őrbottyán Institution Center



Institution Center

Responsible architect: Bence Várnai

Consultant: László Zsigmond architect

The Council of Őrbottyán came up with a grandiose development plan. The 200-220 billion HUF project was to extend a centre of institutions by adding new elements to it: a new school building, a gym, a sports centre, a dormitory and a community space had to be located in such a way, that everything would be positioned in relation to the old centre.

Despite of the vastness of this competition, I diligently worked on the project. As a result, I managed to upload a full-fledged plan to the portal. Out of the ten candidates I came second. I was really happy, as it was my very first winning project. I hope there will be more occasions to co-operate with this council in the future. This was my fourth competition.