Workplaces – Nation Main Architect Office


Nation Main Architect Office

(Oct. 2013 – Apr. 2014)

About my teacher, Ervin Nagy

I managed to tune in to and learn from Ervin’s rational, inspiring and generous thinking, as well as his robust, non-compromising personality from the very start. He immediately spotted my strengths, so he found fitting tasks for me, like: making paper models, laser cutting and 3D processing their material. This made our cooperation fruitful, to Ervin’s satisfaction with me and the team. I became an advanced AutoCAD user, and began to understand the processes, so we were ready with everything for the opening of the exhibition.


Career Highlights of the 3rd semester:

- October 2013: trip to Zebegény and Nagymaros
- December 2013: Christmas pageant at Kecske street
- January 2014: defended my thesis
- February 2014: MSc graduation ceremony
- February 2014: I bought myself a single-lens reflex camera and a nex PC
- March 2014: made the Saint Michael Church scale-modell with Limes modelling company
- March 2014: exhibition of Imre Makovecz's Saint Michael Church scale-modell in Vigadó
- April 2014: started working in Csíkszereda at Győző Esztány's office