2012-2016 – Reference – Imre Makovecz Saint Michael Church Scale-modell


Imre Makovecz

Saint Michael Church, Scale-modell

Responsible architect: Imre Makovecz

Scale-modell made by:
Bence Várnai & András Katona

I was working in the Ministry of Interior during my third year as a vagabond architect together with the knowledgeable and zealous leader, Ervin Nagy. The whole semester was about reconstructing a paper model of a church in the scale of 1:25. This was one of the most exciting tasks for me. I learned how to use a 3D printer, laser cutting machines, and my modelling skills have also improved immensely. Find more details under the tab “Positions”. Here’s a link about how the model was made on-site. (Click on the globe icon to watch.)