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Kvadrum Architect Studio Ltd

(Sept. 2012 – May 2013)

About my teacher, László Zsigmond

He is a knowledgeable man, a typical engineer, who thinks rationally and scrupulously. Already after a short time I called him Zsiga, just like his colleagues. Being just out of university, it was his duty to make up for my lack of experience. He was ready to explain more complex structural drawings down to the minutest detail. I often came to work even on weekends. Zsiga regularly joined me on these occasions, and besides working on the project, he also passed on his style, sharing his knowledge about organic architecture. In this one semester, I learnt more about detail drawings than in four years at university. I am very grateful to him.


Career Highlights of the 1st semester:

- September 2012: I got admitted to the Vagabond School
- September 2012: I got admitted to the University of Pécs, Master of Architecture Course, Design Field
- October 2012: I could take some recreational time before the work kicked-off
- January 2013: we visited Veresegyháza with Zsiga, where he put his works on display, by which I was immensely inspired
- February 2013: we are meeting with the Károly Kós Association in the Jankovics Mension
- April 2013: Vagabond Day in Kecskemét, to get to know eco farming, this was also inspiring
- May 2013: I graduated in Kvadrum, and I was headed for Axis, I submitted my paper in Pécs, finishing the first semester