Photography – Istanbul


Istanbul Travel Selection

You’d be surprised by the number of Islamic buildings in Hungary. Some of the most prominent ones are: the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kassim and Jakowali Hassan Mosque in Pécs, the Ozicheli Haji Ibrahim Mosque in Esztergom, Gul Baba’s Tomb in Budapest, and Idris Baba’s Tomb, again in Pécs. In addition, public bath houses and residential houses also remained in Hungary from the Turkish occupation. That’s why visiting Istanbul was so exciting: I saw the country of origin of these buildings. I encountered some monumental pieces of art. The arched, painted windows, stalactite ceilings, dozens of mosques, mausoleums, and tombs together with Christian vaults: what a lot to discover! The theoretic lectures of the history of architecture came alive here. It was good to experience what a dome with 30 meters clear height, or a column with a 10-meter diameter means, or how sacred spaces are created and worshipfully used for prayer 5 times a day. In other words, during this travel, my focus was on historical architecture.