Workplaces – Felvidéki Architect Studio Ltd


Felvidéki Architect Studio Ltd

(June 2015 – Dec. 2015)

About my teacher, Ákos Eszenyi

A great architect and wonderful father. Many of his works are located in Balaton-felvidék and  southern Slovakia, typically new, converted, or refurbished detached houses. Besides these, there are some larger scale works in Budapest and its surroundings. While his design plans chime into the local traditions, he also reflects a huge competence in material science. When I joined, he was employed by two companies parallelly: Celsius Building Services Ltd., and Felvidék Architect Workshop. This double workload made him so busy that most of the architectural work was left for me. The ancient saying “A palm tree grows best under a load” was applicable to me. This is the time when I began to start my own business, so I had more responsibility towards both the clients and the co-architects. This opportunity to grow turned out to be a huge benefit, as it took me closer to my goals, of which this home page is the beginning. Ákos taught me the secrets of a good build-up, together with choosing the most feasible products. I gained routine in creating contracts and bids. I collected useful ideas to coordinate a number of simultaneous projects.


Career Highlights of the 6th semester:

- June 2015: started the design process of the Visegrád Harbour
- June 2015: started to rent the Bokréta street apartment
- August 2015: relaxation and civilization in Venice, Italy
- September 2015: trip to Southern Slovakia with my teacher, Ákos
- October 2015: started the design process of the Budafapuszta Arboretum competition
- November 2015: site supervision and trip to Northern Balaton with Ákos
- November 2015: announcement of the results of the Budafapuszta Arboretum competition and finding out winning