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Esztany Architect Studio Ltd

(Apr. 2014 – Oct. 2014)

About my teacher, Győző Esztány

He is scrupulous in his design, talented in hand-drawing and computer drawing, a friendly personality who loves his family. He was laid-back, yet ready to teach. He is patient with everyone, it’s not easy to upset him. A team player with innovative solutions. He is helpful, especially with his family. He loves hiking and gardening, which he is learning together with his wife. He’s hospitable, and I’m always welcome in his home.

When I arrived in his cosy little studio, he greeted me warmly. We showed our portfolio to each other. It was obvious that he loves his family and that his private life is important to him. Eventually I chose him as my new teacher. He readily allowed me to visit home regularly, or work from home office - this helped strengthen the relationship I had at the time. He didn’t push me with deadlines, yet he adjusted well to the clients’ requests. Győző belongs to the generation who plans with computer, so we both taught each other about ArchiCAD. My opinion mattered to him. He could also hand-draw superbly. I learned a lot from him about managing a company, being accurate, and how to communicate can-do attitude to the clients. He told me about his hikes, and gave me hints and tips about the local sights. His work is in line with his life: he built such houses for himself and his family as the ones he designs for others. My private well-being was important to him, often asking me how I was doing, or how my weekend had been. It was a privilege to be a vagabond under his supervision. I am thankful for the knowledge, kindness and attention he gave me.


Career Highlights of the 4th semester:

- April 2014: trip to Sfântul Altar and getting to know it closely
- April 2014: opening of the exhibition "From vagabond to teacher" in Csíkszereda
- May 2014: site supervision of the family house of Csaba Sógor with Győző
- June 2014: kirándulás bicycle trip to Csíkszépvíz
- July 2014: garden party at Győző's family house
- July 2014: 1 week holiday at Golden Sands
- August 2014: visited the famous "Egyes-kő"
- August 2014: 2 weeks construction in Zalánpatak
- October 2014: the wedding of my twin brother in Budapest
- October 2014:  travelled home, stopped in Parajd on the way and visited the salt mine
- December 2014: took part in the Miklós Ybl Competition in Székesfehérvár