Photography – Dubai


Dubai Outlook

I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand, having won the Rózsadomb Panorama Project. I had to transfer in Dubai.

Night adventures in Dubai: In Dubai, I had to wait 10 hours for my flight transfer, so I wanted to use this time, and I headed to the city. There was no list of plans, except, maybe, to visit the Burj Khalifa. Afterwards, I walked to the beach and sniffed into the sea air. In this grateful spirit, I smoked a cigarette or two.

The city stunned me. The dawn with a desert sunrise, light sifting through the buildings: it was all totally unexpected. This place was clean literally everywhere.

High-tech architecture is a fantastic world: the towering skyscrapers, glass and metal covering everywhere. The cityscape: no litter, no dirt, no potholes on the roads. Everything is kept clean, even if the wind blows some sand in. There is amazing architecture and financial capital in Dubai.