2012-2016 – Reference – Csopak Guesthouses




Responsible architect: Krisztina Ujj Mészáros

3D visualization: Bence Várnai

Krisztina is the wife of my colleague Eszenyi Ákos. She commissioned me with designing the visualisations of a vineyard north of Lake Balaton. I planned the properties, the cellars, and modelled the area based on the final authorisation plan. After consulting with the clients I refined the preliminary visualisations. They sent me photos of the specific kind of stonework, tiles and window colours they would prefer.

I applied these in the rendering programme Artlantis, thus creating the visualisations. The name of the vineyard is Meseszép Dűlő (Fabulous Lane) Guest Houses, Csopak. The owners warmly welcome their guests here.