2015-2016 – Competition – Budapest Rózsadomb Panorama Project


Rózsadomb, Budapest

Panorama Project

Responsible architect: Mária Beöthy & Bence Várnai

The client György Wáberer purchased this plot, but then demolished the old hotel to the base since, due to its insufficient clear hight, it was not habitable. He wanted a building that looked the same as the old one.

We were given a clear concept and thorough plans. Our task was to “dress up” the facade. It was also an option to design a building with new mass while keeping the number of flats - we seized this opportunity during the competition.

While I was surveying this site, I met Mária Beöth, member of the Károly Kós Association. After a short chat, we decided we should do the project together.

14 projects were handed in. The announcement of the results brought unexpected recognition. At the ranking, Mr Wáberer raised the amount of the award and granted a reward to all tenders - recognising the architectural achievement in this way.

We had to realise with Mária that, for a project of this scale, much more refined visualisations and artistic input is required than what the both of us had to offer (being rather rationalistic in thought and design).