2015-2016 – Competition – Budafapuszta Arboretum Departure Building



Arboretum Departure Building

Responsible architect: Bence Várnai

Zalaerdő Inc. commissioned the active vagabond members of the Károly Kós Association to submit project ideas for the entrance building of Budafapuszta Arboretum. It was already appealing to me that the task was straightforward and easy to grasp. In addition, the prospect of remuneration and actually building the winning project was also enticing.

This year, it was the fifth time I successfully participated in an architecture competition. The jury of Zalaerdő Inc. made their decision swiftly about the 8 projects. I feel honoured to have been the winner.

As a result, Zalaerdő Inc. commissioned the general construction plans of the property, which I finished since then. With this guest house I have the prospect of graduating from my vagabond school successfully.