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Axis Architect Studio Ltd

(May 2013 – Oct. 2013)

About my teacher, Ferenc Salamin

I started my second vagabond semester in his studio. His ideas are characterised by romanticism, spectacularity, yet they are easily implemented. His drawing and sketching skills were outstanding, so this is what I developed the most at his.


Career Highlights of the 2nd semester:

- May 2013: submitted my paper for Complex design II
- June 2013: visited metro line M4, cheked out the tracks
- June 2013: KKA conference in Nádasladány
- July 2013: site supervision with Sala in Nyíregyháza
- August 2013: construction in Kisbacon
- September 2013: exploring Balkán, Győr and Pécs with Sala
- October 2013: Vagabond Day
- October 2013: Vagabond Day - Design Exhibition
- October 2013: visiting Rácalmás with the guidance of László Zsigmond
- October 2013: KKA conference in Pécs