About us

Introducing myself, my philosophy:

Dear Enquirer, Visitor, past or future Client! My name is Bence Várnai. I am a design architect. I am an ambitious young man with 5 years of experience in the active architectural design. The purpose of this website is to introduce some of the highlights of my work so far. “Archmodul” is an abbreviation of a compound that I invented myself: Arch = the first syllable of “Architecture”, Modul = Modulor.

Arch + Modul = Archmodul

The word “modulor” was coined by the famous architect Le Corbusier. It basically stands for the principle of taking the properties of the human body as a basis for design. It is my priority, therefore, to design such functional spaces and interior, where people can still feel at ease - be it a detached house, or an office building, through to sports facilities.

What it does not mean is oversimplification, or a parting from rational and elegant solutions. What it does mean, is a client-friendly approach that seeks to harmonise the investors’ ideas with their needs. Furthermore, my architectural philosophy and design methods strive to accommodate to the local circumstances (the spirit of the place), instead of forcing non-fitting elements to the venue. Yet I am by no means picky: I eagerly design anything from modernist buildings, down to organic features - which, in my opinion, can be mixed superbly. 

I trust that we will tune in with my future clients, be it a business conversation, or a chat about life in general.


2012-2015 Károly Kós Association: Vagabond School:
During my vagabond years, I visited the following studios:

1. Kvadrum Studio, Budapest. My teacher was László Zsigmond. What I learnt: rational architecture and  accuracy.
2. Axis Studio, Budapest. My teacher was Ferenc Salamin. What I learnt: mildly romanticising architecture with a strong organic influence.
3. Ministry of Interior, Budapest. My teacher was Ervin Nagy, chief architect at the time. What I learnt: broad mind, generosity and respect for Imre Makovecz.
4. Esztány Studio, Miercurea Ciuc. My teacher was the then chief architect Győző Esztány. What I learnt: how to value and preserve Transylvanian folk traditions, and how to be faithful to the spirit of the place in architecture.
5. Triskell Studio, Budapest. My teacher was Lőrinc Csernyus. What I learnt: hand-drawing techniques, and the craft of organic architecture.
6. Felvidék Architect Workshop, Budapest. My teacher was Ákos Eszenyi. What I learnt: here’s where I became an independent architect, and learnt about the hardships and secrets of running a business.

Main activities:

- outline proposals, final proposals and completion documentations
- administration and coordination of co-engineers
- making 3D modells and 3D explorations
- printing out and publishing complete technical documentations
- case studies
- survey plans
- photo editing, video editing, design
- webdesign


- Hungarian: native language
- English: intermediate (reading, speaking), pre-intermediate (writing)
- German: Goethe Institute intermediate language examination
Shorthand-typing: advanced

Computer skills:

- Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,
- Microsoft PowerPoint, ArchiCad20
- AutoCad 2017, Adobe Photoshop CC
- Pinnacle Studio 17, Adobe Lightroom CC
- Artlantis Studio 6, Adobe Acrobat 11
- Rhinoceros 5.0, Nik Software Snapseed